Keynote Title: Connected Learning for Innovating, Collaborating, and Re-Imagining Our Future


We live in an age of “shift” when everything seems to be changing at an ever-increasing pace and emerging technologies are rapidly transforming how we work, learn, socialize, and play. We hold powerful computers in our hands and have access to more information than ever before while we face a future filled with many significant challenges and exciting possibilities. With a present and future in flux, we are tasked with preparing our students with a set of knowledge and skills that will empower them to successfully navigate a complex future. Our traditional model of education and our traditional approaches to technology integration are insufficient for succeeding in this task. We must create transformative learning experiences – for our students and for ourselves – in order to develop the ability to think flexibly, creatively, critically, and collaboratively. In this presentation we will explore why this is necessary as we discuss some of the emerging technologies on the near horizon, the probable challenges we face locally and globally, and the skills that will be essential for preparing our future citizens, innovators, and leaders in order to create the best possible future for all of us.

Keynote Resources:

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Common Arguments for Why Education Must Change and Background Information on Skills & Knowledge Our Students Need to Develop

Examples of Schools & Learning Environments

A Look at the Future

A Look at the Past

Transformative Technology Integration Resources

TPACK & SAMR Together

Thinking More Deeply About TPACK & SAMR

Resources on Connected, Blended, and Flipped Learning

Blended Learning
Research Findings:

Connected Learning & Connected Educators

Flipped Classroom & Flipped Learning

Beyond Flipped, Blended, Connected

Additional Recommended Resources

sandifer_xsmed.jpegStephanie Sandifer is an educator with over 20 years of experience educating children and adults at all levels. She currently teaches online at the college and high school levels, serves on the Advisory Board for A+ Unlimited Potential (a new innovative middle school located within the Houston Museum District), and on the Advisory Board for the SXSWedu Conference. She is also a co-organizer for EdCamp Houston.

As a K-12 and college-level educator her experience includes teaching in face-to-face and online virtual school settings, and leadership roles that encompass a wide range of school administration and curriculum/instructional/technology leadership including the development, delivery & facilitation of professional development. As an educator who enjoys sharing and learning with colleagues, Stephanie began exploring the use of blogging as a tool for connecting, collaborating, and communicating with others in March of 2006 when she launched the Change Agency blog. From there she has explored the use of wikis, social networking, and other Web 2.0 tools to develop a Personal Learning Network of hundreds of other educators who share her curiosity and passion for learning.

She presents sessions and workshops on a variety of educational technology integration topics at the local, state, and national levels, and is the author of the books Wikis for School Leaders (Eye on Education, 2011) and Wikified Schools (Wakefield Publishing, 2009.) She also co-authored a chapter on Wikis with Vicki Davis in What school administrators need to know about digital technologies and social media (Eds. McLeod, S., & Lehmann, C. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass Wiley), and was a contributing author to the Education Week blog LeaderTalk.

She also volunteers her time as Technology Committee Chairperson for the PTO of her children’s school.