My notes from the Edubloggercon 2012 sessions

Motivating the reluctant educator

What I've been doing for years works
Test scores
Tech is intrusive
Mistrust of students

Strategies shared:
Meeting regularly with teachers
Sharing easy "from print to digital" activities
Interns -- pair with peers -- handholding

Go through recycle bins in copy room to see what teachers are making copies of -- start dialogue around those items. For example: how can hand drawn crossword puzzles be created digitally?

Okay to fail

Help teacher see how tech can transform rather be another layer

Provide small victories -- one tool at a time that can be used immediately in the classroom or in tomorrow's lessons

Leadership recognition of efforts

Provide edcamp/edubloggercon opportunities

Offer PD led by peers -- teachers on campus who are already doing it

Keychain, recipe cards, etc

How to deal with negativity:
Plant people in audience to help steer conversation back to topic
Provid parking lot for venting concerns
Create space & time for the griping
Facilitate circles of concern/circles of influence activity
Ask teachers to meet you half way -- can you give me 15 minutes a week?

Model flipped classroom through PD -- flip the PD and show them how it can work